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It packs a wallop

Joanna Estep @ livejournal

18 February 1981
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Joanna is a comic artist, writer, blogger, and accomplished whateverist. At the moment she's probably best known for her work on Tokyopop's ROADSONG series, though she also operates as one half third of the creative team of Milktooth Press. In addition to all that fun stuff, Joanna has done work for/with Image Comics, Tor Fantasy, Comicmix, Viz Media, Archaia Press, and Jim Henson Studios to name a few.

This place functions as her sketchblog, thank you kindly. Amid the sketches, she'll likely regale you with what she hopes are witty and irreverent observations, but is probably just her laundry list. So sorry.

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ABOUT THIS BLOG: I use this space to promote my projects when my projects need promoting and I post art whenever I can. However, with the majority of my friends strewn across the globe, I find that I mainly enjoy LJ as a means to keep in touch and to indulge in other frivolous frivolities. I'm quite literally playing around, so step lively and don't expect miracles.


POLICY: 99% of all art posts are public! Everyone is welcome and need not worry about getting permission to friend me, though I won't feel any obligation to friend everyone back. Chances are, if you comment often and show an active interest in conversing with me... we'll likely become friends. If you're content to lurk, that's fine too. I'm nice, I promise. :)


FANDOM FILTER: I'm a big dorky fangirl, but I'm shy about it, so I filter my excessively fannish posts. If you happen to have found this journal through this, that, or whatever fandom, please refer to this post and drop me a comment if you'd like to be on the fandom filter. Thanks much!


ART POSTS: Last but not least, if you're looking for a quick gateway to all the images and illustrations I've posted from 2005 to the present, click here to view all posts tagged as "art".


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