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*taps mic* is this thing on?

Hey LJ. Baby, I done you wrong. I've been having an entirely art-based love affair with tumblr. I admit it.

Seriously though, I've discovered how artist-friendly tumblr is, and I've been ROLLING in it. Thanks to feels_like_fire I've been dragged into Avengers fandom, and have been taking prompts and drawing and posting fanarts like crazy.

Oddly enough, it feels REALLY different from my life in Star Trek fandom. I think that in Trek, I lived from fanfic to fanfic, and in Avengers, my diet is at least 70% fanart. I've reconnected with a lot of other artist friends who left LJ awhile back, and who I thought lost upon the sea of the internet.

Regardless, as an artist, I didn't realize how much I missed having a community of like-minds until I got it back again. Is this a thing? I know that realistically most comics industry folks have left LJ for greener pastures... but are artists IN GENERAL doing this? I know that LJ is better platform for writers, but is it ARTISTICALLY dead?

Also, while I'm asking questions into the great unknown, does anyone know any good Avengers comms on LJ for posting art and/or fic? I want to learn to multitask better, and learn to lovingly touch my LJ again. Also I need to Avengers-artdump liek woah.
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