Joanna (jou) wrote,

An actual status update made of words.

I have a folder-system on my computer for organizing my art time-wise. I make myself a folder for each year, and then all the personal drawings/sketches I make in that year go into the corresponding folder.

...Well, I was just having a look at the 2011 folder, and it's woefully empty-looking, despite it being October already. So I was thinking to myself, "just what have I been doing this year?"

1. Still illustrating that fantasy epic The Hunt.... I'm on chapter 3, of today.

2. I've also been doing a monthly comic strip called EDventures for Go Teach! magazine, tackling issues like cyberbullying, etc.

3. Still enjoying a regular diet of lettering work from Viz. Right now I'm lettering the miniseries The Earl and The Fairy, in addition to the longer-running shojo series, Kamisama Kiss.

4. Did a whoooooooole bunch of refurbishing work on Fraggle Rock Classic, colored another Fraggle Rock story by Katie Cook, And also some greytones/flatting work for Royden Lepp's book RUST. All this for Archaia Studios Press, btw. I'm their new favorite freelance gofer, or something. I'm alright with this.

5. Tried out for several other projects that I would totally post my samples for here, if not for all those pesky Non-Disclosure Agreements I signed. Darn.

6. Other things I'm probably forgetting. ALL IN THE INTEREST OF NOT HAVING TO TAKE COMMISSIONS. Commissions from me seem to be fairly rare outside conventions, since I'm not wild about doing them. It's much easier for me to have a few clients to work with on long projects instead of having a billiion clients to work with on small projects.

SO IN CONCLUSION: I've drawn a lot of stuff I'm not allowed to display publicly. Yet.

I can show you Ulises Grostieta's new cover colors for The Hunt, though~

There were a lot of corrections Ulises had to make to the initial color versions of these, but I'm feeling pretty content with the results.

Peace out, lovers.

Tags: art, art posts
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You really sound busy! Just don't forget that life is sometimes about fun too :D

Whenever I see this cat-guy, I happen to think that nu!Kirk finally made it and produced illegitimate offspring on one of many planets he happened to visit. No, really lol As for the colours- I'm not really a fan of using overlay/dodge layers to this extent, but his colour schemes are definitely great:D
I must admit, I wouldn't have colored the comic like this either. However, I do like the painterly approach, since my inks are sort of going in that direction anyway...

And Jared wouldn't let me color these pages anyway, since he wanted kind of a flashy marvel-comics coloring style? Considering those guidelines, I'm pretty happy with Ulises' work. And it's not like I have time to color my own pages.

It won't have been the first time an editor decided not to let me color my own pages. Oh well, THEIR LOSS.
Taking those guidelines- true, the guy does pretty good job, but I still might've preferred your style, I think. And definitely THEIR LOSS ( I also feel your pain- I wouldn't be able to count how many times someone... enhanced my renders, just because my boss didn't think I'd do good typo on them... oh well, it happens)
People love burn and dodge. It's like... a fact of life. I've had MUCH worse colors applied to my art in the past, so this time around I really can't complain too much. Watching someone else alter your art is one of the hardest things to deal with.
I really think he uses nice schemes. even if he burns things in the process... And yes, artist often needs to develop thick skin to deal with stuff like that.
You totally have some Star Trek stuff you can post~~~~~~
oh well... I'm just happy you're alive?
And... busy... I guess that's a good "problem" to have :P