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Right. Sorry for my emo-lapse the other day. It was a total snafu I promise, and I didn't actually punch anyone or anything. *sheepish* All was settled peacefully, and with pie.

In fact, it's spring now, which I generally regard as my yearly time of relief-from-depression. I have fun new jobs to work on (even if they aren't the jobs I originally had in mind), I have a cat I fucking love and can't stop taking pictures of, and maybe even some romantic prospects. All in all, I've been feeling pretty good lately. It's nice, and I'm enjoying it.

I just invoiced another book yesterday, so maybe when i get paid I can buy myself some nice dresses for summer. ... Or perhaps a new external harddrive. God I hate being practical.

Anyway, here's my new favorite picture of Ozzie, watching her new favorite show, Law & Order: SVU:

No really guys, my cat loves watching TV. She also loves watching me work in photoshop.

And I know that some of you are over there like, "good god, do you think you can do anything beyond post pictures of your CAT?" ...The answer to that is yes. I can also garner my 15 seconds of fame on damnyouautocorrect. That'll teach me to type on my ipod, ever.

Thanks to my boo starsandgraces for the screen shot.

ETA: asdlfkghasdlf after skip=140, I give up. FLIST, YOU ARE TOO INTERESTING.
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