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Lying, cheating, and stealing...

NEWSFLASH: Norman Rockwell was a CHEATER!

...Yeah right. Kyle Baker has a great article up about the use of reference photos for illustration.

the use of reference photos in illustration.

A lot of stupid fanboys have recently been mocking some Marvel and DC comics artists for using photographs to create realistic art, as if the artists are somehow "cheating."
Well, guess what, morons? We all do it. It's what they teach you in art school; How to trace and copy to make art.
My job as an illustrator is to entertain, not to make things up out of my head. It's not a memory test.

Cool article, guys. Don't fear the photo references. I don't. In fact, photo references are becoming a bigger part of my pencilling process every day.

Although, I gotta say, re: this photo ref/illo by Gil Elvgren:

Ladies, do any of you actually ever make this dumbass face, other than when you're actively trying to imitate a chimpanzee? I feel like I see it in illustration all the time, and I'm like, "the hell?"
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