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Back when I was an over-stressed and under-slept college student, I used to fill my sketchbook with drawings of people shot full of arrows, whenever I was having a bad day. I don't know why, it was just what I did. Something I did as some form of emotional catharsis, and to get the saddness and anger out. (I'm a secret arrow murderer.)

So, I was working on that whole self-indulgent art thing today (while listening to my favorite Aria Nessun Dorma on repeat).... And this showed up. I've been quite mood-swingy in the past 72-ish hours, and I thought having something cathartic to fixate on might help calm me down. So yeah, this is my special drawing that I made for ME. Hmph.

And well... I feel better now, so I guess it worked. *falls on the floor*

Be gentle with me this week, boys and girls. I'll have a better/happier art post later, I swear.
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