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10 December 2011 @ 09:24 pm
Hey LJ. Baby, I done you wrong. I've been having an entirely art-based love affair with tumblr. I admit it.

Seriously though, I've discovered how artist-friendly tumblr is, and I've been ROLLING in it. Thanks to feels_like_fire I've been dragged into Avengers fandom, and have been taking prompts and drawing and posting fanarts like crazy.

Oddly enough, it feels REALLY different from my life in Star Trek fandom. I think that in Trek, I lived from fanfic to fanfic, and in Avengers, my diet is at least 70% fanart. I've reconnected with a lot of other artist friends who left LJ awhile back, and who I thought lost upon the sea of the internet.

Regardless, as an artist, I didn't realize how much I missed having a community of like-minds until I got it back again. Is this a thing? I know that realistically most comics industry folks have left LJ for greener pastures... but are artists IN GENERAL doing this? I know that LJ is better platform for writers, but is it ARTISTICALLY dead?

Also, while I'm asking questions into the great unknown, does anyone know any good Avengers comms on LJ for posting art and/or fic? I want to learn to multitask better, and learn to lovingly touch my LJ again. Also I need to Avengers-artdump liek woah.
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...And that's all I have to say about that. In other news, I've been trying to pare down my LJ reading list so that it doesn't overwhelm me as much. I enjoy playing on tumblr, but I miss the communication and interaction that LJ provides. So far I haven't removed any humans from my "MUST READ" list, but I axed most of the fandom communities I follow. It's going to have to be a thing where I check them when I feel up to it, and not whenever I open my flist.

Everything is just overwhelming these days, and I have a (gasp) active social life too, and it's hard to be all the things.

....I think I need some Avengers icons.
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17 October 2011 @ 11:40 am
I have a folder-system on my computer for organizing my art time-wise. I make myself a folder for each year, and then all the personal drawings/sketches I make in that year go into the corresponding folder.

...Well, I was just having a look at the 2011 folder, and it's woefully empty-looking, despite it being October already. So I was thinking to myself, "just what have I been doing this year?"

1. Still illustrating that fantasy epic The Hunt.... I'm on chapter 3, of today.

2. I've also been doing a monthly comic strip called EDventures for Go Teach! magazine, tackling issues like cyberbullying, etc.

3. Still enjoying a regular diet of lettering work from Viz. Right now I'm lettering the miniseries The Earl and The Fairy, in addition to the longer-running shojo series, Kamisama Kiss.

4. Did a whoooooooole bunch of refurbishing work on Fraggle Rock Classic, colored another Fraggle Rock story by Katie Cook, And also some greytones/flatting work for Royden Lepp's book RUST. All this for Archaia Studios Press, btw. I'm their new favorite freelance gofer, or something. I'm alright with this.

5. Tried out for several other projects that I would totally post my samples for here, if not for all those pesky Non-Disclosure Agreements I signed. Darn.

6. Other things I'm probably forgetting. ALL IN THE INTEREST OF NOT HAVING TO TAKE COMMISSIONS. Commissions from me seem to be fairly rare outside conventions, since I'm not wild about doing them. It's much easier for me to have a few clients to work with on long projects instead of having a billiion clients to work with on small projects.

SO IN CONCLUSION: I've drawn a lot of stuff I'm not allowed to display publicly. Yet.

I can show you Ulises Grostieta's new cover colors for The Hunt, though~

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27 September 2011 @ 11:32 pm
Feelin' kinda grumpy today, and mad at things, and especially mad at comics. It seems like there's just so much negativity lately. Given half a chance, it seems to me like every artist and/or writer loves to make the old, "ur doing it wrong" post. I see them on LJ, on comics blogs, on Tumblr, on Deviantart, etc. The inescapable memoirs of bitter artists/writers who want to share their bitterness in order to help the young hopefuls over the hurdles they've encountered.

Seriously, I've been in kind of a creative slump, where I can't do anything but client work until further notice, and everywhere around me are blog posts by industry types detailing "Wat I do right, and why ur doing it wrong". Like, "blahblah blah, this is hard for you little n00bs, but you better listen or you'll never be a big deal, and anyone who approaches art differently than me is bullshit, and if you can't work fast everyone will just forget you exist and no one will ever love you and you'll die of scurvy in a ditch or whatever."

And like, I understand that the message is supposed to be, "WORK HARD AND REACH FOR YOUR DREAMS", and I understand that it's realistic, but sometimes all I get out of it is, "COMICS IS A HARSH MISTRESS, YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG, AND YOU'RE GOING TO FAIL."

...and yet I can't stop myself. I've always been addicted to the, "how to break into comics and not be a bullshit artist who fails at life" articles/tutorials. I guess they're good for me and all, but sometimes I'd rather eat cake than humble pie. I just wish I could hear something positive for once, instead of constant reminders of how I'm a insane obsessed masochist for wanting to work in this business.

As it is, I'm currently consoling myself with the fact that I enjoy storyboarding and spot illustration as well, and that those facets of art might not completely shit all over me the way everyone tells me (my own experience included) that comics will.
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08 May 2011 @ 10:38 am
Right. Sorry for my emo-lapse the other day. It was a total snafu I promise, and I didn't actually punch anyone or anything. *sheepish* All was settled peacefully, and with pie.

In fact, it's spring now, which I generally regard as my yearly time of relief-from-depression. I have fun new jobs to work on (even if they aren't the jobs I originally had in mind), I have a cat I fucking love and can't stop taking pictures of, and maybe even some romantic prospects. All in all, I've been feeling pretty good lately. It's nice, and I'm enjoying it.

I just invoiced another book yesterday, so maybe when i get paid I can buy myself some nice dresses for summer. ... Or perhaps a new external harddrive. God I hate being practical.

Anyway, here's my new favorite picture of Ozzie, watching her new favorite show, Law & Order: SVU:

No really guys, my cat loves watching TV. She also loves watching me work in photoshop.

And I know that some of you are over there like, "good god, do you think you can do anything beyond post pictures of your CAT?" ...The answer to that is yes. I can also garner my 15 seconds of fame on damnyouautocorrect. That'll teach me to type on my ipod, ever.

Thanks to my boo starsandgraces for the screen shot.

ETA: asdlfkghasdlf after skip=140, I give up. FLIST, YOU ARE TOO INTERESTING.
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You know, I've been thinking that I should actually write something in my LJ, or post about my life or somesuch.... but it's deadline day, and right now all my mental capacity will allow for is goofy video posts.

This one from ribby. Wow. I just watched the LotR trilogy recently, and I must have missed this scene!

Seriously Japan, what is with your hobby of making anybody dance to anything?

And secondly, I didn't watch the royal wedding or anything, (I'm afraid I just don't care that much) but I'm convinced that this (via waccawheels) is the best part anyway:

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She sleeps!

She wakes!

She rolls indecently on the floor!

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20 April 2011 @ 04:21 pm
Hi LJ, I miss you.

I feel like I should have some grand comment on the demise of Tokyopop, but my reaction really just went something like this:

…So yeah. I guess I'm not really that surprised or upset. I was much more disturbed when my editors and all the other people I cared about got laid off, or when they halted production on bunches of OEL manga and stranded them in limbo. Nowadays, I just don't don't feel much of anything anymore, regarding TP.

I came, I saw, I finished my trilogy of GNs before the company imploded. That is all.

And now, here is an ABC meme to kill time and space.Collapse )
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15 April 2011 @ 10:39 am
NEWSFLASH: Norman Rockwell was a CHEATER!

...Yeah right. Kyle Baker has a great article up about the use of reference photos for illustration.

the use of reference photos in illustration.

A lot of stupid fanboys have recently been mocking some Marvel and DC comics artists for using photographs to create realistic art, as if the artists are somehow "cheating."
Well, guess what, morons? We all do it. It's what they teach you in art school; How to trace and copy to make art.
My job as an illustrator is to entertain, not to make things up out of my head. It's not a memory test.

Cool article, guys. Don't fear the photo references. I don't. In fact, photo references are becoming a bigger part of my pencilling process every day.

Although, I gotta say, re: this photo ref/illo by Gil Elvgren:

Ladies, do any of you actually ever make this dumbass face, other than when you're actively trying to imitate a chimpanzee? I feel like I see it in illustration all the time, and I'm like, "the hell?"
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07 April 2011 @ 09:26 am
So, my stomach is full of moths over this gig I may-or-may-not get. Yeah, you heard me. Moths. Big ones.

....anyway. Other stuff.

Yesterday I totally had a minor crisis over the fact that all my recent and best portfolio pieces are from The Hunt, and contain exclusively anthropomorphic characters. I guess I was really worried about that, and talked extensively with the writer about it at first. And to be honest, The Hunt isn't supposed to read as an anthro-comic. The race I'm drawing, yeah they may resemble cats... but it's just a miniseries focusing on one of the races present in a much larger middle-earth-type world.

For my part, I've got nothing against anthro comics, or the artists who draw them.... It's just that it's been so difficult to re-invent my image after Roadsong into something that WASN'T a manga artist. I've got nothing against manga either. It's just that I don't see myself drawing manga for the rest of my career. I'm just so terrified of being typecast into the wrong role. At this point, I'm still trying to claw my way into an artistic niche that feels right to me. One where I'm getting the jobs that feel right, too. But it's tough to do that when you need to pay bills, right? It's not like I'm in a great position to pass up work of any kind.

...But let's not kid ourselves, folks. There IS stigma attached to anthro characters. It's awkward to be emailing big publishers my most recent work and have it be full of anthro.

Though really, everyone says I'll be fine if I just include plenty of my other work in my portfolio at the same time. Let's hope, right? I really frickin' ENJOY drawing The Hunt, and I don't want anything to tarnish it.

That said, here's the last set of inks in my series of covers:

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